Chocolate Granola Breakfast Bars

At the beginning of the week I mentioned how I like to keep healthy snacks on hand.  I love fiber bars and granola bars but they can be expensive, so I decided to try and make some. It took me a while to find a recipe that didn’t have weird ingredients and was low in calories.

Here’s a very basic Granola Breakfast Bar recipe I tried out today. I added chocolate chips for my “addition”, as the recipe calls it.

These are surprisingly easy to make and turned out quite well. I especially like the applesauce flavor. Next time, I will double the recipe and individually package the granola bars to store in the freezer.

I think these breakfast bars would also taste good with dried apples & caramel bits, chocolate and toffee crunch, or peanut butter and chocolate as “additions”.

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  • This looks great! I’m going to try it tonight while I wait for Steve to get home from work. I just bought a whole bunch of dried fruit yesterday. So, that will be my addition.

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