Family Game Night – Game Review

We love playing games! Many of the best games we play we learn about when visiting family in Germany, or they are games I played growing up there. If you’re getting a little bored with Candyland and Chutes and Ladders, why not try out a new game at your next family game night?

Today, I will introduce you to three of our favorite games for kids.


 1. Preschool (Ages 3-8)


The goal of Mini-Orchard is for all players (2 to 4) to work as a team to pick the fruit from the orchard before the crow gets it. The game is won or lost as a team. We’ve had some very exciting moments playing this game with players cheering each other on as they roll the die. The game is wonderful for reinforcing color recognition and learning puzzle skills. Best of all, it’s a game the entire family can enjoy, even the little ones.


2. Elemenatry (Ages 6-15)

Enchanted Forest


Enchanted Forest was one of my favorite games as a child (and still is). It’s a magical treasure hunt in the land of fairy tales. Players move their way through the forrest looking for hidden treasure underneath the trees. Once you’ve located a treasure you go to the king’s castle and announce where it is. The player to correctly announce three treasures wins. Enchanted Forest promotes imagination, concentration, memory and strategy and provides a challenge for a wide range of ages. 


Intermediate (Ages 10 and up)

Scotland Yard


Here’s how Scotland Yard is played. One player is selected to play Mr. X. The remaning players are Scotland Yard detectives searching throughout central London for the elusive Mr. X. Players can move by taxi, bus or underground. Mr. X gets the first move. Next, the detectives work in cooperation with each other to close in on Mr. X. If the detectives locate the position of Mr. X, they win. But, if Mr. X avoids the detectives after 24 moves, he wins.

We’ve had so much fun introducing family friends to this game over the last couple of months. Playing Mr. X can be quite nerve racking, especially with more players (up to 6)! I think younger kids can be included if they play detectives. Scotland Yard is a fun family strategy game!


What are some of your favorite games?


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