Valentine’s Day Dinner


Today was a crazy day. I woke up not feeling very well but I had to pull myself together. I was scheduled to give a presentation to a wonderful group of ladies in the morning. However, soon after I got going I realized that I wouldn’t have enough energy to teach piano in the afternoon and would need to go to bed (= lay on the couch) as soon as I got home. (Note – I very rarely cancel lessons.)

The presentation went well and on the way home I picked up McDonalds for the kids because I didn’t feel like preparing lunch for them. (A super special treat, especially since we’ve started freezer cooking.) As soon as we got home I laid down and pretty much stayed there until 5pm rolled around.

I knew I would have to pull myself together one last time. The kids had been looking forward to our Valentine’s Day dinner for a long time. Over the past week we crafted Valentine’s, gathered table decorations and purchased little presents for each other. I just couldn’t let them down. I am so thankful we did all that planning so all I had to do was set the table and heat up the taco soup. Oh, and make the strawberry hot cocoa that Nicholas has been talking about for weeks!

Here’s our dinner table.

Clara and Nicholas with their Strawberry Hot Cocoas. I think the smiles speak for themselves.

Don’t forget to check out the recipe for the Strawberry Hot Cocoa. We give it two thumbs up! I’m thinking a chocolate version might be next. :)

That was my Valentine’s Day. I hope I wake up feeling much better tomorrow.

How was your day? Did you do anything special?


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