Free Flowers at Connells Maple Lee

I just love the flowers from our local Connells Maple Lee florist. The arrangements are always beautiful and last at least two weeks. I’ve sent them to family and friends and everyone is always very pleased with the quality. Here’s a picture of the Valentine’s Day arrangement I picked up today.

Before ordering these flowers, I checked to see if there were any coupons available. Click here to check them out. I immediately noticed the one for a free weely special. I couldn’t believe that they would just give me flowers for free, but the florist confirmed that they would. :) She described the arrangement as a happy pick me up, perfect for the kitchen table. The coupon doesn’t expire until 2/21 and is only good for in-store pick up. To check out a location near you click here.

I will be picking up my FREE arrangement towards the end of next week.

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