30 Meals in a Day – I did it!

Wow! The last two days are a little bit of a blur. I still have to pinch myself, because I can’t believe I actually cooked not just 30, but 32 meals this weekend. It’s so satisfying to open the freezer and see all those yummy, ready-to-go meals. In fact, we already had one last night.

Here’s a peek inside my fully stocked freezer.

You might have noticed that I cooked 32 meals in a weekend, not a day as originally planned. For a list of recipes I made check out this post. I will review the new recipes as we eat them and let you know what we think.

Here’s the play by play

  1. First, I started in the kitchen around 9:15am by making the chicken tetrazzini.
  2. I put muffins in the oven and cooked the spaghetti for spaghetti and meatballs.
  3. Next, I made meatloaves and put them in the oven.
  4. With the meatloaves in the oven I combined all the ingredients for the taco soup and had them simmering on the stovetop.
  5. I realized I needed a couple of things from the grocery, so I called John and asked him to stop by the grocery and pick up some freezer bags and a dozen eggs.
  6. Next, I heated up the griddle and made pancakes.
  7. I started to package things for the freezer and cleaned out the big stock pot to make the pulled beef BBQ.
  8. Finally, I got the BBQ beef simmering. When it was done, John helped me shred it.
  9. I continued to wrap, bag, and prepare things to store them in the freezer. By the time I was finished it was after 6pm and was too tired to continue. I decided to make the rest on Sunday, which I did. It only took me about three hours to finish on Sunday.

Lessons learned

Organization is key. I am so thankful I planned the menu and purchased all the groceries ahead of time. Setting out all the recipes and pulling ingredients the night before was also a big time saver.

It might be better to split up the cooking into 2 days. Cooking all day takes a lot of energy and is hard on your feet. Next time, I will definitely split it up into two days.

Having meals for the entire month prepared is extremely satisfying. Today is Monday and I have recovered from this crazy, insane, but rewarding experience. Now, I am ready to enjoy a month of NO cooking (or dirty pots and pans)!


Does not having to plan dinners or cook for a month sound like a fantastic idea? I have already scheduled my next 30 meals in a weekend cooking marathon for March 9th and 10th and will be sharing my menu and strategic plan of attack over the next several weeks. Won’t you join me?

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