Art Tuesday – Bee & Chrysanthemums

Welcome to Art Tuesday!

We’ve been enjoying beautiful weather over the past several days. Today, in anticipation of spring, we will study the painting on page 12 of the book Can You Hear It? by William Lach. Here are links to the pieces of art and music in case you weren’t able to purchase your book, yet.




The Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov



Our piece of art today is a woodblock print. Watch this video on how woodblock printing works and discuss how it is similar/different to the rubber stamps we are using in our project today.

Today’s music is exciting. What instruments can you hear? Is the music fast or slow, loud or soft? Can you buzz around like a bee and collect nectar?

Get Creative

Supplies needed:

  • flower stamps of various sizes
  • bee stamp (or print a bee on the paper…I used a bee found in Microsoft Word clipart)
  • ink pad
  • colored pencils
  • manila colored paper

1. Stamp or print the bee on the paper.

2. Stamp a flower garden.

3. Color the flowers using colored pencils.


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Art Tuesday lesson. Come back for a new project next week! Oh, and please invite your friends.


(Note – The links in this post are my referral links.)

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