Weight Loss Update – 24.4 lbs. to go

As you can see, the numbers aren’t as good this time around. Honestly, I’m just glad they went down, even if it was just a little.

John and I had a difficult two weeks of eating healthy and staying away from sweets. I did better toward the end of the second week, knowing I would have to report to you, my faithful readers. Thanks for keeping me motivated!

Looking back, I believe there were two things that contributed to our lack of discipline:

1. I didn’t keep low calorie snacks in stock.

2. Lack of Meal Planning. I didn’t plan our dinners ahead as I usually do. For some reason, I just wasn’t motivated to find and prepare healthy recipes. So, we were stuck with eating out and making do with what we had in stock, which wasn’t all that healthy.

In order to avoid this problem in the future, I am going to attempt to cook 30 Meals in a Day this upcoming Saturday. I will share more details on how I plan to do this on Wednesday.


How are you doing with your goals for the year? I will let you know how I’m doing on the rest of my goals later on this week.


2 comments to Weight Loss Update – 24.4 lbs. to go

  • Irene Smith

    Hi Monica,
    Some advice about the 30 Meals in a Day. 1–Get someone to really, really, really be responsible for your kids (not just in the same house at the same time) so that the kids aren’t looking to you to answer all the questions and referee all the “contests” (you’re the one they’re used to going to m-f). 2–Simplify the 30 meals: try 15 double portions instead of 30 different meals (it’s OK to eat the same meal twice in the same month; make sure some of the meals are supereasy to prepare. 3–If you make a white sauce, don’t try to do any other cooking at the same time. (A little bit of burned white sauce ruins the whole dish.) 4–It’ll be lovely having a freezer full of yummy homecooked meals!

  • Monica

    Thanks for the tips, Irene. I actually already planned the menu and will be doubling or tripling all of the recipes. There’s no way I’m coming up with 30 different meals :). One of the blogs I’ve been studying suggested cooking on a day when you don’t have to take care of the kids, so I will be cooking on Saturday when the kids are with John at dance, etc. I can’t wait to see how it goes. I’m so excited.

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