Chuch Bulletin Board – Winter Theme

The kids and I are responsible for keeping a couple of bulletin boards at church up to date. Here’s the winter theme we put up today.

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Our jumping off point was this verse found in Ps. 51:7 …Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.

We added quilters batting for snow, a couple of snowmen and the snowflakes we made last week.




The snowman was super easy to make. You’ll need the following supplies:

  • white poster board
  • orange and black construction paper
  • black paint
  • round foam brush to stamp eyes, mouth and buttons
  • glue

1. Cut out three circles from the white poster board. I used plates as templates.

2. Glue the circles together to make the body.

3. Stamp on the eyes, mouth and buttons using paint and foam brush.

4. Cut out a carrot nose and hat. Attach with glue.



The snowman and snowflakes would also make an excellent window display!


Looking for more winter theme ideas?

Check out these idea books on Christian bulletin boards.



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