Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookies

I came across this caramel apple oatmeal cookie recipe that is great for those of us trying to lose weight. Each cookie has only 83 calories! A nice treat for those times you’re craving a little something sweet.


The recipe was quite simple to follow. The only ingredients I did not have on hand were the dried apples and caramel bits. I was able to find them at a local fruit and nut outlet store.


I did have some difficulty working with the dough, though. It was a little crumbly, but I found an easy solution that worked well for me.

  • Fill a tablespoon with dough and press into the spoon.
  • Drop two spoonfulls, one on top of the other, onto the baking sheet.
  • Gently press down to form the cookie


The recipe was well worth the effort. I think you’ll enjoy the apple and caramel combintation.


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