How to Make Paper Snowflakes and some Snow Facts

We had our first snowfall of the year today. It’s not much, but I think a science lesson on snow is in order today.

I have put together a step by step tutorial on how to make paper snowflakes. You will also, find a list of links to all kinds of fun snow facts.

Paper Snowflakes


1. Start out with a perfectly square piece of white paper. I am using an 8½” x 11″ sheet of white copy paper cut to size. The thinner the paper the better.







2. Fold your square in half.









3. Fold in half along the center so you end up with another triangle.







4. Measure and mark 1″ from the center. (Note – I am using an 8½” x 8½” piece of paper, so the measurement will change depending on your size of paper)







5. Fold the left side up to the measurement mark.








6. Fold the other side over.












7. Turn over.













8. Cut along the line.











9. This is the fun part, so get creative! Remember, no two snowflakes are alike. For demonstration purposes I outlined my cut-lines, but this is not neccessary.











10. Unfold to reveal your finished snowflake.







All About Snow

National Snow and Ice Data Center

Snow – Wikipedia

Snowflake – Wikipedia

Weather Facts – Snowflakes

A Snowflake Primer


I’m always looking for new ideas and resources.  Please feel free to share in the comments below. Thanks!


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