5 Inexpensive Kitchen Must Haves

Here are my top 5 kitchen must have picks for this year. I started using all of them for the first time this year and highly recommend you put these on your wish list if you don’t already own them. They would also make great Christmas gifts. Best of all, they’re super affordable.



This cooling rack has been wonderful for pancakes. I’m looking forward to using it for all the cookies we’ll be making over the next few weeks. :)



I love how quickly this electric kettle heats up water. Great for tea, coffe, etc.



This griddle has come in super handy when I make a double batch of pancakes.




This stick mixer is fabulous. It cleans off so easily. I used it for applesauce and squash soup.




I love, love, love this peeler. I actually enjoy making apple recipes now.


What are some of your favorite kitchen gadgets? Did you put any on your wish list?

(Note – The links in this post are my referral links.)

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