How to Make Origami Boxes

Here are step by step directions for making origami boxes. These are fun to make and fill with jewelry, candies, chocolates, etc. :-)

You will need two perfectly square pieces of paper. The size of the paper will depend on the content you intend to put inside.

 Step 1 – Fold paper in half.

Step 2 – Turn around and fold in half again.

Step 3 – Fold all four corners toward the center.

Step 4 – Fold bottom half to the center.

Step 5 – Fold the top half to the center.

Step 6 – Open up, turn around and repeat.

Step 7 – Open back up to make a square.

Step 8 – Now unfold two opposite corners.

Step 9 – Fold edges up to make sides of the box.

Step 10 – Fold one flap over to create third box side.

Step 11 – Fold over the last corner.

Finished top half of box.

For the bottom half, follow the same directions as above, but fold a little past the center for steps 4, 5 and 6 (about 1/8of an inch).

You should end up with two halves that fit together nicely.

Go ahead and give it a try. Have fun!

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