How to Organize Craft Supplies

This past week, I was once again reminded of how nice it is to have my craft supplies organized. With all my various teaching responsibilities (homeschool, piano lessons, music and art classes, clubs, children’s church) it seemed as though I had to make preparations for all of them this past week.

Here is my craft supply storage are that I have been very happy with for the last couple of years.

The storage boxes and shelving unit are from IKEA. I like that the boxes come in different sizes, have a uniform look and are inexpensive. If you don’t have an IKEA store close by, you might want to check out these storage solutions

This system may not be right for everyone, but I believe it takes care of 3 important things you ought to consider when planning your storage area.

  1. quick & easy access
  2. making use of wall space
  3. visually attractive


Do you have any tips for organizing craft supplies?

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