A Mystery Birthday Party

Wow, it’s hard to believe Clara is 8! I thought I’d share with you what we did for her party this year.

She loves to read Nancy Drew, so we planned a mystery party. It was a big success. Tons of fun was had by all and great memories were made.

Keeping our theme in mind we created the invitation.

On the day of the party, as the children arrived, they played the candy guessing game and made private investigator’s licenses.

Next, we played games. We started with a Mystery Word Search followed by Who Am I and awarded prizes to the winners. Then we played Zoom, a great game for teamwork. After this activity any child without a prize, received one. :-)

The final, and most exciting game, was a Treasure Hunt. The weather was nice, so the clues had the kids going outside, inside, upstairs, downstairs and back and forth. They found the treasure and it contained a gift bag for each child.

After playing games, the kids were ready for the magnifying glass cake and ice cream.

I hope these ideas inspire you to host a mystery party. We sure enjoyed it.

Do you have any mystery party ideas/games you could share? Thanks.

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