How to make a King Arthur Knight Costume

how to make a king arthur costume

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Happy Halloween!

The kids decided to dress up as King Arthur and Guinevere this year. {Check out this post for some of their past costume choices.} There was no way I was going to try to make a dress. That’s a little beyond my capabilities. :) But a knight costume, now that’s a different story. So, today, I’ll share how I made Nick’s King Arthur costume.

Knight Armor

Supplies needed:

  • paper bag
  • silver poster board/cardstock {mine was gold on one side and silver on the other}
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors


1. Cut the paper bag down the middle along the seam. Cut out holes for the neck and arms.

Knight Costume

Knight Costume


2. Create a template for the chain mail {approx. 3½” x 2½”}. Trace chain mail links on the back of the cardstock and cut out. {Since I want the silver as my front I traced on the gold side.} You will need approx. 70 pieces.

Knight Costume


3. Start gluing the chain mail pieces to the front. Then to the back.
The links should slightly overlap. Work your way from the bottom to the top.

Knight Costume


To achieve this pattern you will need to cut several pieces in half.

Knight Costume


Finished front side.

Knight Costume


Finished back side.

King Arthur chain mail


Supplies needed:


1. Start out by measuring the distance between the tips of the crown. I hope this picture illustration below makes sense. Then cut out.

Knight Costume


2. Fit crown to head. Glue and staple along the seam for a strong bond.

King Arthur crown

3. Add jewels.

King Arthur crown


Supplies needed:

  • large cardboard box
  • aluminum foil
  • silver cardstock strip
  • printed dragon silhouette on cardstock
  • black construction paper
  • hot glue gun
  • duct tape
  • tape


1. Print dragon silhouette on colored cardstock. Cut shield form out of cardboard.

King Arthur shield


2. Cover shield with aluminum foil. I like to have the matte side showing. Use tape to seal edges and attach to cardboard.

King Arthur shield


3. Cut dragon to size and glue on black construction paper. Trim the black edges. Glue onto shield.

King Arthur shield


4. Attach the silver cardboard strip with hot glue and then duct tape. Use duct tape to cover all seams.

King Arthur shield

King Arthur shield


And that’s it. You’re finished!

How to make a King Arthur costume

{Note- I did not make a sword because Nicholas already had one. If you need one you can purchase one here.}


King Arthur and Guinevere

Halloween 2014


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